Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Youtube Video Of Me Vibing Out To Im Good

Ace Marty. Im Good The Clipse & Pharell shaded, with pops. YEAH IM GOOD ! My Grandma had Just Left And Pops Was With Me So We Did The Thang.Shamar "Ace" Xavier.
For G.L.A
Bussiness MInded. Euntrepuenur. Youngin.

Im In This Film @ 1 21 & 1 22 ( Black Dynamite)

Yes, Thats Me with My Good Ole Afro About Two Years Ago.
We Filmed This at LA High And it was pouring down raining but i had eaten enough rice krispies & drank enough hot cocoa to last me for th next 80 years of life.
i really enjoyed this. and the crew on set were hilarious.
going to see this tomarow hopefully with kerstin. if you want to stay updated.
Shamar "Ace" Xavier.
For G.L.A
Bussiness MInded. Euntrepuenur. Youngin.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

So So Rappers By Casey Veggies.

truthfully, yall niggas aint fucking with l.a right now.
From Skeme To Brandun Deshay To OverDoz,
shoutouts to casey for doing his thang especially with the freestyle at the beginning .
and to josh for directing a dope video period.
Shamar "Ace" Xavier.
For G.L.A
Bussiness MInded. Euntrepuenur. Youngin.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mike Giant,

Mike Giant, Is GIANT !
Shamar "Ace" Xavier.
For G.L.A
Bussiness MInded. Euntrepuenur. Youngin.

Hyyerr - Kid Cudi , Chip The Ripper

and yes this is my theme song in th morning , haha, but yeah it really is. guys life is full of grieve and doe. stay focused , do yo thang,
Hyyer Off Of the Kid Cudi Man On The Moon SOUNDTRACK! !

Shamar "Ace" Xavier.
For G.L.A
Bussiness MInded. Euntrepuenur. Youngin.

Cudi Cudi CUDI!

1000$ Fit By Carter Cartier

Track from Carter Cartier
Can Really Boost Your Spirits , On The Days Its Low.

Shoes I Must Get.

Must BUYS !
Thanks Dizzy. I gotchu mayne.
show love.

Stupid Jungle Animal.

Stupid Jungle Animal Crewnecks Dropping soon.
This is one of the best and probably the best way to spend you christmas money @
The Fall 2009 drops just released a few weeks ago, and you will not be disappointed with this brand. GUARANTEED !
SJA Tees are made with care to be dope,satisfying, and made with the heart and soul of youngans giving the streetwear culture what they need.
feel free to contact and ask about anything or hit thm up if you have any questions or concerns the SJA team will be happy to assist you.

Im Good

clipse say it best.
mayne . im good.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Download carter cartiers mixtape at
sorry i couldnt post the link up isnt working so good if i get the lin i will ppost this back up with the link. hopefully blogger gets there shit together soon.
Carters Music Is A Anthem So do DL but dont kep it on the DL!

Friday, October 9, 2009

shout out to anwar doing his thang as well with casey v and josh and jason. keep up the work fivecoulumns !!!!!!!!!!!!
Kingsbury is on 3rd street for reference !
Going to cop some sunday while im at the fast life so come through and show ANWAR some love !

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick One.

Umm to every one hitting me up about everything this weekend thank you very much for the invites yall make me feel really special and i appreciate the love.
But this weekend i will be at universal studios horror night on saturday.
and i will be up at the fast life on 3rd and cresent hieghts on sunday. chillin out cruisin the city.
so email me if you in.
Peace and Thanks, Ace


New Music From My Dawg Lavish
Whoa all i can say is DOWNLOAD THIS MUTHA FUCKA.