Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Im Back.

I will be back to blogging tomarow. September 24th,2009.
And My Clothing Line Is Here.
Sorry to everyone that sent me emails and all about not blogging:(
appreciate the love.

My Love.

Man this great,loving,inspiring,ecouraging,BEAUTIFUL young lady that has been in my life for a while now is the GREATEST ! We had our hate times before we got together, i was hanging out with her cousin with my homie and i met her and i was yipping and yapping about her. hating on her:) She told her cousin that she never wanted to see me again but guess what? i saw her a few days after that and i discovered a mindstate/lifstate named love. But things happen for a reason. Nows she plays a big part of me being successful with everything,bascilly she keeps my heartbeating and she keeps my head and spirits up real HIGH ! And tomarow is our aniversary. We began our travel into a soul theory August 24th, 2009. and she has been holding me own ever since then whether its with school,music,or goonies clothing, but most of all she acuallly loves me. and you all know that 2009 hasnt been the best year for me some of my friends have died(RIP trey),or just left me hanging but shes helped me get through it as much as possible. So this is just a huge thank you ! i love you hun! and appreciate it soooooooo much ! ;) keep goonin:)
August 24 2009-Forever.
Shamar Xavier.

My love